What We're Reading: Traction

September 19, 2018

The reason Traction is such a helpful resource is because it ignores the typical, motivational-speaker, “business for dummies” way of doing things. It’s not a “get successful quick” book, it’s not a resource for the amateur entrepreneur, nor a swiss army knife of solutions. At its heart, Traction is a workbook, and a workbook is only as helpful as the goal you’re using it to achieve. It’s not afraid to get in the trenches with you and discuss your issues like only another expert would be able to do.

Take, for example, the order of importance the book lays the key parts of your company’s success: letting go, vision, people, issues, process, then finally traction. These are laid out in such a way that you cannot and should not move on to address the next piece of your problem without completely understanding and resolving the one before it.

You cannot make any change unless you finally decide that you are willing to sacrifice the status quo. People and employees don’t apply for jobs because of the snacks in the kitchen, they come for the vision. People give you data, which you need to understand completely to address the issues of the company. You won’t have an effective process if you don’t have the underlying issues resolved first. Then, finally, we get to the title of the book: you’ll never achieve traction for your organization an effective process isn’t free of issues, backed up by data, run by good people with a shared vision.