Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to creative visuals, I love a good photo on social media – we all do.

With the right framing, glitzy backdrop or an emotional pull, they’ll get the job done! But with today’s social media algorithms and brands pushing for clever and quick digestible content, video storytelling has taken center stage.

There has been a lot – A LOT – of hype around TikTok, and rightfully so.

While it’s been incredibly sensationalized, it’s not without reason. Download the app and you’ll see why. Videos fly past your screen like cars on a highway, a busy one at that. And here’s the thing, within minutes you’ll notice you like every car driving by. Tiktok figures you out. Fast.

Two of the biggest players in the social landscape, YouTube (Google) and Instagram (Facebook), have clearly taken notice of the rise in short form video’s popularity, and now seem to be playing the same game with their own versions of the video platform, “Shorts” and Reels respectively.

With the space changing this rapidly, it can be overwhelming as a brand to navigate. Year after year, it seems like brands are upping their commitment to the content-game. The pace is growing fast, and is even more overwhelming when you look at your social channels and discover the last video you posted was in 2019. You likely feel at a loss of where to start.

Here’s the reality, our customers expect video content. Big brands have dedicated their time and money to building video content, and that’s what your shared customers have grown to expect. Video content has become crucial in today’s world to anyone and any brand with a desire to stay relevant and maintain customer loyalty.

Don’t over complicate it, keep it simple, and stick to the basics. That’s why I rounded up these 3 classic video concepts to help elevate your brand on your social media platforms:

  1. The Brand Explainer: Who the hell are we and why does anyone care?  -

Stop and think for a minute: Who is coming to your social media page? Who do you WANT to come to your page? Do they know who you are? Do they care? Do they want to know more?  A brand explainer puts your best foot forward, let’s people peek into your world, and squashes any potential misconceptions.

2. Eye Candy Docu Style (Six Labs | Fly On The Wall) - My team and I created a series of “fly on the wall” videos intended to pull back the curtain on something they otherwise may not see, in this case, a cannabis grow operation. Series like this one are intended to keep viewers coming back for more, with consistent and routine content, as well as give them a sneak peek into a day-to-day life they may have not encountered before, and may never otherwise.

3. Scroll Stopper - Think beyond the linear, traditional video. Scroll stoppers attract customers to new products by capturing their attention through unique movements and beautiful, brightly colored shots.

Don’t own a high quality camera? Check your pocket. We almost all have one on our smartphones, so get out there and document your brand. Video can capture the attention of a loyal audience or a new customer’s eye, extending your social reach far beyond simple static imagery. If you still don’t know where to start, consider a professional production team, it’s always a great way to extend your marketing efforts.