Hiring your employees is the ultimate draft. Can you get it right?

I’m damn proud of the team I’ve created, but it took a lot of trial — and error — to get here. Twenty years of being in the game has given me the chance to be a part of every kind of team imaginable. The fact is, anyone can have a great resume or give great referrals, but you aren’t hiring a piece of paper — you’re hiring a team member. And to do that, you need to find the right personalities. You have to look for unique individuals that complement each other and share the same DNA. Having a strong team top to bottom should be your goal. These six personality types are essential building blocks for a strong team.

The Swiss Army Knife

Jack of all trades, master of none, Swiss Army Knives are the true team players. Their job title means nothing. Extremely versatile and flexible, Swiss Army Knives do whatever needs to be done for the company to succeed. If the trash needs to be taken out, they take out the trash. If a fire needs to be put out, they put out the fire. You can count on the Swiss Army Knife to try to use their tools in every situation.

The Nurturer

Most people aren’t willing to change, or are too afraid to. That’s what makes the Nurturer so important. The support system of your team, the Nurturer will encourage everyone on the team to reach their potential and realize that change is good. When you have a shit idea, which we all do, the Nurturer won’t put you down. They are there to set you back on the right path and help you figure out how to avoid making the same mistakes. Everyone is more productive and adaptive when the Nurturer is around.

The Driven

The Driven will paint a bullseye on your back and shoot arrows at you all day long. Don’t be afraid; I was just like them when I first got into the game and so were you. The Driven want your job and make no effort to hide it. In their minds, if they aren’t sitting where you are now, then it’ll be a huge disappointment. Welcome this character type with open arms. These are your constant learners, your team bulldog. Fueled by absolute self-confidence, no task is too great for them and no stage is too bright.

The Light Switch

First one in turns on the lights and last one out turns them off. The Light Switch does both. Your input has to equal your output, and nobody proves that more than the Light Switch. Whether or not they are blessed with incredible natural talent, the Light Switch brings a non-stop work ethic. They love their work and won’t stop until they are damn good at it. To be successful, you have to cultivate a workplace culture of excellence. The Light Switch is a great example of this.

The Spark Plug

When they go, your team goes. This person is magnetic; people are drawn towards them. Their hard work makes others want to work harder. The natural leadership and command they possess is electric. Spark Plugs rally the rest of the team around your vision and goals, and make the path for others to follow.

The Floor General

Think of your classic point guard in basketball. Floor Generals are never their team’s leading scorer, but the leading scorer wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the floor general. Simply put, they are facilitators and managers. They make sure everyone has what they need to succeed and always looks at the bigger picture. Does the Floor General sound familiar? It should. Most likely, as the leader of your team, you are the floor general. The buck starts and stops with you, so don’t suck.

In spite of their differences, there are several things that all of these people possess. First, they understand there is no ‘I’ in team. Egos and personal problems are left at the door. They know their roles and are fully committed to them. Success of the team is their biggest goal. They all have side hustles and hobbies, but work for them isn’t done when they walk out of the office at 5pm. They’re slaves to their craft and each has a strong desire to be great at what they do. Their strive for greatness rubs off on everyone, making the team successful and strong.

Story originally posted on LinkedIn

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