Landing on the Perfect Green

March 31, 2017

For Immediate Release


Chicago, IL (April 1, 2017) -- Out with the old, in with the new. Idea Booth is pleased to announce the next level of breakthrough content will be anchored with new branding using Pantone color 7480 C.

"Green is a very powerful and exciting color for any brand, but in order to resonate with viewers, the right shade of green needs to be chosen," said Jonathan Speh, art director at Idea Booth. "While Pantone 7479 C was originally chosen for the cool and bright feel boutique agencies should have, it was clear the color just wasn’t making the impact that it was intended to make."

The designers at Idea Booth knew that they needed to make an immediate and impactful change, so they took to their Pantone books and after several long days of meetings, debates, mood boards, designs, and revisions, they found the perfect color for the new branding of their company. "It was like the clouds finally parted and the new color became clear to us," said Haley Franker, one of the designers leading this new color exploration.

"This new shade of green symbolizes a new beginning, whilst giving off a more organic feeling and conveying a sustainable and environmentally-friendly brand," said Ron Gibori, creative director and managing partner at Idea Booth. "This particular shade of green is more zesty and energetic, evoking feelings of waking up on a Thursday morning when you have Friday off. It entices the viewer to take a relieving breath, reminding them of the feeling of pouring a bowl of cereal and not knowing if there’s any milk left, but coming to find that there is just enough milk for one last bowl."

It's a quantum leap between Pantone 7480 C and Pantone 7479 C. This evolution is the perfect catalyst for next level creativity. Idea Booth is excited to continue moving forward with fresher and more flavorful client work.